FADS Michigan Is Expanding!

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

When my wife Lada and I opened the first Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Michigan in 2005, we had no idea what we were in for.

Nearly 15 years later, we remain at the helm of a thriving ballroom dance studio where people find happiness, community, and confidence through dance lessons, classes, parties, and competitions.

I got into this business by following my passion. I always secretly loved dancing but didn’t want to be judged by admitting so when I was younger. Already an eager entrepreneur with a strength in marketing, I stepped back onto the parquet as an adult and reacquainted myself with the passion that dance can bring.

It was a natural step to own a studio, and I invite you to consider owning one of your own, too. Lada and I now oversee all Fred Astaire Dance Studios opportunities in Michigan, and we’re looking for would-be or existing entrepreneurs to open another Fred Astaire Dance Studios nearby.

FADS provides a wonderful franchise opportunity and is a great long-term investment!

Lada was already a professional dance instructor and performer originally from Azerbaijan when we met. She had the instinct to lead dance instruction and studio operations. I brought my own business experiences and successes to the mix, rounding out what I believe is needed for a successful studio. We had never owned a franchise before, but appreciated the support of joining an already established system.

We are huge fans of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios approach to ballroom dance. We enjoy the collaboration, support, and camaraderie of other studio owners nationwide. We’ve become friends and mentors to other studio owners, too.

With a successful business that continues to grow in volume of students and revenue, we are looking to share the wealth by partnering with willing participants to open more studios. In the next several years, we intend to expand across Southeast Michigan, by partnering with dance teachers, dance enthusiasts, dance students, and just everyday folks who are looking for a great business opportunity.

Could that be YOU?

If so, click here to start the conversation. We look forward to the possibilities!