We Are Part of Detroit’s Comeback

Photo by Justin McAfee on Unsplash

Recently, we were talking with friends in our neighborhood about articles that keep popping up about Detroit. The stories go something like this: from crime capital to America’s most exciting city, the remarkable reinvention of Detroit.

The latest article was in the Telegraph, but here are a couple others: this one, this one, and this one.

It’s heartening that some of the world’s best media outlets are singing the praises of my hometown, and the city where I’ve located my business. We believe in Detroit; it’s just great to see others rooting for it, too.

Photo by Morgan Somers on Unsplash

That said, I still run into people from other cities and other countries who say, “Oh, you’re in Detroit? Is it safe?”

I shake my head with exasperation because yes, Detroit is safe. It’s also a great place to be an entrepreneur.

It only requires that someone comes from out of town to see all the growth and possibility that we see. Restaurants. Hotels. Innovative shops, boutiques, and startups. And so much more.

It’s diverse, it’s cultural, it’s exciting to be in Detroit. I want people around the country to look to us and see a huge opportunity for growth. It’s why Lada and I invested in becoming the Area Developers for Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Michigan. We’re working now on opening a stellar studio in the heart of Detroit, and we just know it’s going to take off.

Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

It’s more than time to dispel all the myths that hovered around Detroit since the turmoil of the 1960s and replace those old, antiquated stories with new stories.

Stories of Detroit as an entrepreneurial city, a beautiful cultural city, a city poised for growth and innovation and original ideas.

We plan to open 10 more studios in the greater Detroit area, and we hope this story is what will drive us into the future.