Bolero Dance Lessons in Our Warren Studio

Bolero’s Rich History

The Bolero was introduced to a U.S. audience in the mid-1930s; and at that time, it was danced in its classical form, which was performed to a constant beat of drums. It emerged from this classical form to what was called Son, with a faster and livelier tempo. This social dance was influenced by many nationalities – it traveled from Cuba to Mexico, and finally to Latin America. However, today it is danced as a partner dance, with a rich history.

Bolero is a mixture of 3 dances: Tango (contra body movement), Waltz (body rise and fall) and Rumba (Cuban motion and slow Latin music). Spanish dancer Sebastian Cereza is credited with creating the dance in the year 1780; since then, the Bolero has remained a true source of expressing sensuous feelings. It is truly the “dance of love.”

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A Dance with a Romantic Feel

The Bolero is one of the most expressive dances: the use of arms and hands, legs and feet, as well as facial expression, all contribute to its beauty. With dramatic arm styling and smooth, gliding movement, it’s no surprise the graceful movements of Bolero feel romantic.

It combines the dance patterns of Rumba with the rise and fall action of the Waltz at a slower tempo than Rumba. It’s the slowest of all American Style Rhythm dances.

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