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A Fantastic Start to Ballroom Dancing

Harry Fox, a vaudeville dancer and comedian lent his name to the Foxtrot dance step. Fox was believed to be the first to use the “slow step,” hence… the birth of the Foxtrot. This first freestyle use of the “slow step” came into vogue around 1912, during the period of ragtime music. This marked a completely new phase of ballroom dancing where partners danced much closer together and ad-libbed to the new and exhilarating music. Prior to this period, Polka, Waltz, and One-Step were popular. In these dances, partners were held at arm’s length and a set pattern was observed.

By 1915, another change took place — new and melodic “pop” songs were being written; tunes like, “Oh, You Beautiful Doll” and “Ida” were the smash hits of the day. The public was quick to appreciate the change to a smoother, more rhythmic style of music, and their dancing began to absorb the better attributes of the older dances. From 1917 up to the present time, the accent has been placed on smoother dancing and individualized expression.

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Foxtrot – Smooth Ballroom Dancing

By 1960, the International style of dancing was making its way into the U.S. ballrooms and many of the techniques were implemented into the American style Foxtrot. As of this writing, the main difference between the two styles is that the International style Foxtrot is danced entirely in contact maintaining the normal dance hold, while the American style allows for complete freedom of expression utilizing various dance holds and positions. With its smooth and sophisticated feeling, most figures are designed for the larger ballroom floor. However, these same figures are also suited to the average dance floor when danced more compactly.

Foxtrot Basic Dance Step

Learn the most fundamental step of the Foxtrot. The men start with the left and do 2 walks forward, side step, and then close. The ladies start with their right foot and they do 2 walks back, a side step, and then close.

The Corner Step (The Rock Step)

The rock step is perfect for turning around the room or at corners. The step consists of a rock step for both men and women, followed by a side step and a closing step.

Promenade Position

This is a step where the men and ladies walk in the same direction (In promenade). The steps are just two forward walks followed by the side step and closing. Both partners do the same step!

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Our talented instructors will have you ready for Foxtrot dancing in no time! We also offer private dance lessons for those looking for a more individualized approach.

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Ballroom Dance Styles We Teach

Dancing is a great way to express your emotions. Hop on the dance floor and try a ballroom or Latin dance class with us. Get creative and have fun! To learn more about each type of dance and view a demonstration video, simply click on the dance style to learn more. Then give us a call at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and be sure to ask about our money-saving introductory offer for new students. Together, we’ll get you started on your personal dance journey!

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