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Fred Astaire Dance Studios Professionals & Staff

Our friendly staff and talented Dance Instructors can help you realize your dance goals – and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! Browse this page to meet our team of certified Dance Professionals and learn about their qualifications and experience. Then call us, and get started today.


Olga Bozhkov / Studio Owner

Olga started dancing at the age of 3 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She fell in love with dancing from the first step on the dance floor. Here are some of her achievements:

— Judge of the International Category WDC from 2015;

— Master of Sports of Ukraine;

— Owner of Top New Studio in New Jersey in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Olga: “My favorite part of teaching is exposing someone to the joy that is dancing. Dancing changes life and everyone deserves that opportunity”.


Andrew Nikitchenko / Dance Director, Instructor

Andrew was born in Ukraine and started dancing at the age of 5. He started traveling around the world at the age of 10, competing at various competitions starting from International big competitions ending with European and World Championships.

He was a runner-up of the European championship in 10 dance style and a World Championship finalist.

Andrew traveled to more than 30 countries during his career and moved to the United States in 2017. He started working in Fred Astaire as a dance instructor in 2021 and this year he received the “Top overall male teacher” and “Top competitor student department male professional” awards in the New Jersey region.

Now Andrew has a Dance Director position in Fred Astaire Warren studio and is looking forward to helping all our students achieve their goals and ambitions in dancing!

Andrew: “Dance is the art of our bodies in motion. I love changing the lives of my students for the better and seeing how beautiful they are while dancing”.

Sergei Mazalov / Dance Instructor

Sergei brings his positivity, high energy, and more than 20 years of ballroom dance experience to our strong Fred Astaire Team. Moreover, his degree in Choreography from the Kharkiv academy of culture makes him an even more versatile person.

Sergei has a passion for learning and loves to help others to succeed, whether they are his students or his team members. It is important to Sergei that every student has a fabulous experience from the moment they walk in the door; whether they are learning their first basic steps, or preparing for the next national competition!

Sergei: “The best part of teaching dance is knowing that I am unlocking a world of potential for my students; like when a gentleman realizes he doesn’t have two left feet, or a lady discovers she has great rhythm”.

Darina Stashnikova / Dance Instructor

Darina Stashnikova was born in Ukraine. She began pursuing her love to dance at the age of 4. She started her ballroom Dancing career by studying and competing in Latin International Style. 

After school, she started learning the Kharkiv Academy of culture, where she received a Master’s degree in choreographic art. In Ukraine she also opened dance Studio, where she was teaching people of all ages. 

Darina’s main goal as a teacher is to show that everyone can dance. Each of us has a love for dance, and she will be happy to help you develop it! 



Sasha Nesterenko / Dance Instructor

Sasha started dancing at the age of 7, and at the age of 12 he started competing worldwide.

He was a participant and winner of many National and European competitions. In 2018, he graduated from the Academy of Culture in Ukraine and his dance career continued with working in China where he gained a lot of experience teaching different styles of dancing. He became a part of Fred Astaire Warren dance team in 2022 and he is looking forward to sharing his dance experience with our students.

Sasha: “What I like about dancing the most – is that it is an adventure – the fulfillment of a search for enjoyment and life-long learning. Dancing is pure enjoyment and pleasure that results from the confidence, trust, and poise that I help developing through my student’s personalities”.


Lily Malov / Dance Instructor

Lily started dancing at a very young age and right away felt very committed to this activity. She was dancing multiple styles but decided to focus her attention on International Latin. Together with her partner, she was competing worldwide at multiple international competitions, being a top couple in their category. She decided to move to United States in 2022 and join Fred Astaire Warren team, having a goal to implement her knowledge of dancing into our system and make our students more confident with their progress.

Lily is a kind, patient and positive teacher that loves to see her students develop their dancing and become better not only in the dancing field but in other spheres of life.



Arthur Solomovych / Dance Instructor

Arthur is originally from Ukraine and started his dancing career at the age of 6.

Behind his shoulders is 19 years of dancing and 10 years  of teaching experience.

During his dancing journey he was a finalist of many major International competitions such as WDC World Championships Paris, WDC Dutch Open Netherlands, International UK, Beijing World Championships. Also he is 2 times Ukrainian Champion.

Arthur: “My goal is to bring happiness to people through the dance”



Angelina Rozghon / Dance Instructor

Angelina was born in Ukraine and started dancing at the age of 4. She competes around the world and wins competitions all around the world.

Her greatest achievements are winning •United Kingdom Championship

• Assen Dutch Open Championship

• Disney World Championship and more.

Also she is Master of Sports of Ukraine.

Moreover ,her bachelor degree in Coaching field and master’s degree in Physical Rehabilitation makes her professional in what she does.