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Our friendly staff and talented Dance Instructors can help you realize your dance goals – and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! Browse this page to meet our team of certified Dance Pros and learn about their qualifications and experience. Then call us, and get started today.

Olga Bozhkov / Studio Owner
Olga started dancing at the age of 3 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She fell in love with dancing from the first...
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Darina Stashnikova / Studio Manager
Darina Stashnikova was born in Ukraine. She began pursuing her love to dance at the age of 4. She started...
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Sergei Mazalov / Dance Instructor
Sergei brings his positivity, high energy, and more than 20 years of ballroom dance experience to our...
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Sasha Nesterenko / Dance Instructor
Sasha started dancing at the age of 7, and at the age of 12, he started competing worldwide. He was a...
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Lily Malov / Dance Instructor
Lily started dancing at a very young age and right away felt very committed to this activity. She was...
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Arthur Solomovych / Dance Instructor
Arthur is originally from Ukraine and started his dancing career at the age of 6. Behind his shoulders...
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Angelina Rozghon / Dance Instructor
Angelina was born in Ukraine and started dancing at the age of 4. She competes around the world and wins...
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