Give the gift of dance for any occasion!

Gift cards

At Fred Astaire Warren, we offer different gift vouchers that allow for you to simply try Ballroom Dancing out, or take advantage of our all-inclusive Starter Program.

Private Lesson – 45 Minute lesson one-on-one with an Instructor. This setting is designed to teach you at your pace and level of learning. This lesson can be scheduled at your convenience.

Group Class – 45 Minute Lesson taught in a group format. During this time we introduce to you a new dance or step. You will rotate partners to best assist with your social dancing preparation. The rotation of partners enhances your ability to lead or follow. Occurs Monday through Friday at 7:30 pm.

Masterclass – 45 Minute Group Session taught by highly experienced Professionals who are incredibly involved in the Ballroom Dancing Industry. They have either become World Champions, world-known choreographers, adjudicators, or have shown their talent on shows such as Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, or America’s Got Talent. Occurs once a month.

Social Party – Now is the time to take everything you have learned in your Private Lessons, Group Classes and Masterclasses, and apply it in a comfortable social setting. This provides something for you that your other lessons do not…. a full dance floor! There is no better way to gain confidence in your dance moves and ability to social dance. This is a judgment-free setting surrounded by our Fred Astaire Marlboro students who are all working towards the same goal. Occurs once a month.

Virtual Lessons – This is a GREAT opportunity to learn new skills in the convenience of your own home! We offer Virtual Group Classes via Zoom Monday through Thursday and teach one-on-one Virtual Private Lessons based upon your schedule and availability. Feel free to join with dance shoes or bare feet and enjoy learning new steps and dances, and even exercise classes from our Fred Astaire Certified Instructors.

Silver gift card

2 private lessons
Group class
Social dance party
*perfect for any occasion

Gold gift card

3 private lessons
2 group classes
2 social dance parties
*our most popular option

Platinum gift card

5 private lessons
5 group classes
5 social dance parties
*best deal