West Coast Swing Dance Lessons in Our Warren Studio

How did West Coast Swing Dancing Become So Popular?

West Coast Swing (or Western Swing) quickly gained popularity across the U.S. because of its sophisticated style and easy adaptation to contemporary rock music. A regional style popular on the West Coast of the U.S., the dance made a bid for national recognition in the late 50s and continues to grow in popularity in the 21st century.

West Coast Swing incorporates many forms of swing including the Lindy, Shag, Whip, and Push. Versatile dancers, eager to display their talent, are continually innovating new and interesting movements in swing.

An Elastic and Improv-Friendly Partner Dance

After nearly five decades, Western Swing has endured the test of time, and as with the Eastern Swing, it is possible to dance in a relatively small area. The West Coast Swing is danced in place in a slot. Its slower tempo allows for freer rhythmic interpretations using single, double, triple, and various other syncopated rhythms. A relaxed, sometimes shuffling movement and upright position are characteristic. Occasional use of hip movements and or push style is also used to enhance the style of the dance.

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