Country Western Two-Step Dance Lessons in Our Warren Studio

Surprisingly, country western dance didn’t actually begin in the United States. This uniquely American dance style is a melting pot of influences from many cultures. As westward expansion in the U.S. increased, it brought people together from different regions of the world who had little or no exposure to one another. Dance became a unifying language that helped bring these new Americans together.

Settlers from Europe brought dance styles from their country’s traditional festivals with them. African-American influences were also present, which added a syncopation to the rhythms, as well as steps that were closer to the ground and more rooted in the earth than those from Europe. But foreign influences were not the only ones that created country western dance. The steps and movements are also a product of the habits and dress of the American cowboy. The open-legged and “wide-stanced” steps, and the heel-toe turns likely developed due to the realities of dancing in spurs. Likewise, many of the holds tend to be more hand-to-hand rather than the full-body contact of traditional European dances, which may have been due to ladies trying to protect their clothing from being sullied or torn.

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How to Two Step to Country Music

This is the most basic step in partner country dance. It is just 4 walks forward for the guys and 4 walks back for the ladies. We teach everyone the essentials while having loads of fun. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the country two step, the timing & rhythm of the dance, how to hold your partner, and even more advanced moves – even if you have “two left feet’.

Country Partner Dance, Group Dance Classes, and Swing Dance Lessons

Country western dance can be broken into two categories: (1) partner dances (including lead-follow and pattern dances), and (2) group dances (including line dances and square dances). Many different partner dances are done to country western music. These include Two Step, Polka, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and more.

Our talented instructors will have you ready for line dancing in no time! We also offer private dance lessons for those looking for a more individualized approach.

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Country Western Two Step dance lessons are available now. You’ll be on your way to confident dancing by the end of your very first dance!

Ballroom Dance Styles We Teach

Dancing is a great way to express your emotions. Hop on the dance floor and try a ballroom or Latin dance class with us. Get creative and have fun! To learn more about each type of dance and view a demonstration video, simply click on the dance style to learn more. Then give us a call at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and be sure to ask about our money-saving introductory offer for new students. Together, we’ll get you started on your personal dance journey!

Classes are available for students of all skill levels – from beginners to advanced and all ages. Adults and children are welcome! Fred Astaire ballroom dance lessons are fun, exciting, and a great way to express yourself. 

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