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4 Reasons to Love The Tango

The Tango 4 Reasons Why We Love The Tango -Ah the Tango. Romantic, passionate, intense, sensual. There are so many reasons to love this Latin dance style. The Tango is one of the most highly stylized ballroom dances we teach. It is dramatic, with measured crossing and flexing steps to the front, the side and the back combined with turns.

Of all the dances which came into being in the early 20th century, only the Tango has continued to enjoy such a high level of popularity. When you dance the Tango, you speak a universal language that needs no words.

Here are 4 reasons why we love the Tango:

1. The Romance –  All forms of the Tango have an underlying sense of passion and romance about them. Whether it is in the style of playful intimacy or the more dramatic and erotic styles, dancing the tango will surely bring you and your partner closer. And, if you don’t have a significant other, the sheer intimacy of the frame makes for an exciting adventure for singles!

2. It Opens Social Doors – The social life of a tango dancer can be a busy one, if you want it to be. You will meet a whole new group of friends, from the initial dance classes and practice sessions, to the organized tango parties, or milongas, there will always be plenty of opportunities for social events. Not to mention, you may find yourself dancing the Tango in one of our regional or national competitions!

3. It Has History – During the greatest period of the dance evolution in American history (1910-1914), the Tango made its first appearance. It was instantly a hit with the dance-conscious public for its intriguing, asymmetrical, and sophisticated patterns which added a touch of romance to the country’s dance consciousness. For over 60 years, the four beat Tango rhythm has endured and continued to enjoy popularity everywhere as the music is universal with many types of sub-styles.

4. All Ages and Skill Levels Can Learn to Tango – No matter how young or how old, or whether you’ve danced before, the Tango can be danced by anyone and everyone. Because of its many different styles, you can choose a pace that you are comfortable with and suites your skill level. The Tango is an improvisational dance meaning that you create the dance in the moment. Every dance you have will be different and unique.

There are so many other reasons to love the Tango – self expression, enhanced posture, the sophistication and elegance – but no matter what reason speaks to you, consider giving the Tango a try. Contact us, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, for information on private dance lessons and group classes for any form of ballroom dance (including the Tango). Come dance with us!