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Dancing for your Health & Wellbeing

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of dance as a social engagement and a form of personal improvement and expression! But arguably even more key in the appeal and value of Ballroom dance are the health benefits it can confer! Ballroom dancing and other forms of social dance are powerful tools for developing and maintaining mental acuity, creativity, and bodily control, no matter your age! Check out some of these surprising and valuable ways Ballroom Dance can enrich your health and lifestyle.

Balance and body control:

Dancing, like all forms of exercise, is a great way to train and maintain a strong and resilient body. What many don’t appreciate is the unique elements of dancing that set it apart from other exercise methods! Unlike standard weight training and cardio exercise like running or biking, dancing involves a high degree of precision and muscle control, which sets it apart and confers unique benefits! Many new dancers experience a significant increase in their balance and stability, as well as heightened control over their limbs in day to day activity! The fundamental lessons involved in keeping a stable center of gravity when dancing truly do have broad applications in all aspects of day to day life! Many of our older students enjoy ballroom dancing as a way to combat the natural instability that comes with aging, in addition to helping them stay social and creatively fulfilled! Blog Img August -

Memory and mental acuity:

Beyond the physical aspects of Ballroom Dancing, students of this amazing art form will inevitably also hone their memory by learning steps, patterns, and full routines! Choreographic learning can be quite challenging, but the focus and diligence that it requires helps to improve the ability to focus and pay attention to details in your own actions and in the world! Students are frequently surprised at how easy memorizing choreography becomes after only a year or two of learning, not to mention the benefits of warding off memory loss and dementia! In fact, studies have historically shown a roughly 76% lower chance of developing dementia in older dancers compared to non-dancing control groups! Much like the classic apple, a dance a day can certainly help keep the doctor away!

Self-esteem and creativity:

Above all its other virtues, Ballroom Dancing as a cultural pastime is truly about the beauty that comes from cooperation between partners who share knowledge, trust, and passion! All of us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios fell in love with dance not just as a creative outlet or method of fitness, but as a way to share the passion and love of dance we hold with each other and the world! So many students come to us looking for a way to meet new friends and enjoy a stress free social outlet centered around a fun and beautiful activity that anyone can participate in.

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