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Wedding Dance Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask!

So! Your wedding day is coming up, and you are now realizing that you have to DANCE! In front of CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY! AAHHHHHH! Take a deep breath. You’ll get through this. To help assuage the fears and concerns of brides and grooms to-be who don’t have any dance experience or knowledge, we’ve compiled some questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask, and some important information that you might not have considered!

Is there a “correct” type of first dance?

While there is a historically identifiable traditional style for the “first dance” in a wedding, the truth is that you can do whatever you want! A wedding is your day, and you should fill it with rituals and activities that are meaningful to you. If you are looking for a classically beautiful and romantic dance, go for it! If you and your future spouse would rather cut a rug to the Macarena, do it!

But how do I look good during my first dance?

Of course, step one is to get and wear formalwear that isn’t too tight or limiting of your movement, especially around your legs. Even with all the practice and instruction in the world, tight pants or a restrictive dress will make any dance a lot more challenging. As far as the dancing itself, this is the part where good old fashioned practice and hard work will make the grade! Whether you decide to invent your own dance or get instruction and professional choreography from Fred Astaire Dance Studios, it’s important to practice your dance for at least a few weeks ahead of the wedding! Repetition and practice is the ONLY way to perfect a dance, no matter how simple or complex the dance is.

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How can I make sure I’m capable of doing the dance?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee you’ll nail it. But, you can give yourself the best shot of wowing your friends, family, and spouse with lessons from Fred Astaire Dance Studio! Our instructors are experienced in helping total beginners choose a song and create a first dance choreography that will be manageable for them to learn and look amazing doing! We are prepared to get you off the ground and teach you the basics fast and effectively, and tailor the choreography we create to look great at whatever skill level you and your partner are dancing at. Plus, receiving expert instruction will improve your understanding of the principles of partner dancing, and improve your ability to practice and improve on your own.

If you are ready to take the first step towards an unforgettable first dance, we are here to help! Find your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location and start dancing today!