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The Emotional Benefits To Dancing

fads-friendship-danceWe all have a basic need for acceptance, friendships, a social circle. And one of the best ways of building this type of support system and network is through the activity of dance. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we work very hard to provide exactly this type of atmosphere, and offer many ways for people to find new friends with common interests in dance and beyond… and maybe even romance as well.

For those who sense that one of those components – acceptance, friendships, a social circle – is lacking or missing, group dance classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help provide a solution. Dancing can fill that empty time and place with a fun activity that offers not only physical benefits but emotional and social ones as well. People enjoy themselves on the dance floor, enjoying moving and being in contact with others. Many of our students will also tell you how much their self-confidence and self-esteem has been bolstered through dance and their involvement with their “dance family” at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Social ballroom dancing has also been shown to bolster confidence, self-expression and creativity; it has also been shown to help reduce and prevent stress and depression. Click here for more information on the many benefits of dance.

Another great aspect of an active life on the dance floor is that YOU are in charge. Ballroom dancing does not have to be competitive, it need not be overly demanding physically, and it is definitely an activity that people can enjoy well into their later years. In addition to individual benefits, couples may also find their relationship deepening as they work together to master various dance steps and strive toward another common goal.

Call or visit us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios for more information on the best in private and group dance lessons, in all styles of ballroom dancing. Our friendly, caring dance instructors will help your dance goals and priorities, and will help make your dance journey a reality. We look forward to welcoming you to our dance family!