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Fred Facts Quiz – How Serious a Fred Astaire Fan are You?

How Well -Do you consider yourself a true fan of Fred Astaire? Take the challenge and quiz yourself on some “Fred Facts”, then check your score below to see what kind of “Fred Fan” you really are!

1. Where was Fred Astaire born?
A. Hamburg, Germany
B. Linz, Austria
C. Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A

2. What was Fred Astaire’s name at birth?
A. Frederick Worlock
B. Frederick Austerlitz
C. Frederick Buechner

3. What was Fred Astaire’s middle name?
A. Emanuel
B. Edward
C. Eugene

4. Fred Astaire once said, “When you’ve danced with her, you stay danced”, about whom?
A. Cyd Charisse
B. Ginger Rogers
C. Judy Garland

 5. In what year did Fred Astaire co-found and open the very first Fred Astaire Dance Studio location?
A. 1967
B. 1947
C. 1958

6. Fred Astaire was never filmed dancing with what?
A. A vacuum cleaner
B. A hat rack
C. A horse

7. With which group did Fred Astaire volunteer, in order to entertain overseas American military troops?
C. Screen Actor’s Guild

8. Which of the following quotes is about Fred Astaire?
A. “My mother told me I was dancing before I was born.”
B. “He dances like crazy, he directs like crazy.
C. “I adore this guy.”
D. “Can’t sing. Can’t act. Balding. Can dance a little.”

9. What member of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios organization is a direct descendant of the family that owned the dance franchise after Fred Astaire?
A. Jean-Marc Casanave
B. George Hendricks
C. Jeannie Penatello

10. At the age of 75, Fred Astaire was involved in what new hobby, when he fell and broke his wrist?
A. Ice skating
B. Skate boarding
C. Horseback riding

11. What was Fred Astaire’s last major musical film?
A. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
B. Easter Parade
C. Finian’s Rainbow

12. One of Fred Astaire’s race horses won the Hollywood Bowl in 1947. What was the horse’s name?
A. Triplicate
B. Dancer
C. American Smooth

13. Fred Astaire lent his voice and appearance to the character of a mailman, the narrator of 1970’s Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. What was the mailman’s name?
A. Hermey
B. S.D. Kluger
C. Burgermeister Meisterburger

14. What was Fred Astaire most self-conscious about, in terms of his dancing physique?
A. The way he held his head
B. The positioning of his feet
C. His large hands

15. Originally trained as a dancer, Audrey Hepburn waited her whole life to dance with Fred Astaire. When she finally got her chance, she was disappointed when they ended up dancing in the:
A. Desert
B. Mud
C. Wind

16. “It was like a chicken attacked by a coyote; I never saw so many feathers in my life.” To what dance number with Ginger Rogers (and her feathered dress) was Fred Astaire referring?
A. Cheek to Cheek
B. Begin the Beguine
C. Pick Yourself Up

17. Who wrote many of the songs for Fred Astaire’s movies?
A. Bing Crosby
B. Vincente Minelli
C. Irving Berlin

18. Who was Fred Astaire’s dance partner in his television specials between 1958 and 1968?
A. Barrie Chase
B. Leslie Caron
C. Lucille Bremer

19. In what movie does Fred Astaire dance on the ceiling?
A. The Gay Divorcee
B. Royal Wedding
C. Daddy Long Legs

20. Who was Fred Astaire’s choreographer?
A. Bob Hope
B. Hermes Pan
C. The Barkleys of Broadway

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This quiz was reprinted from the Spring 2015 issue of inSTEP Magazine, Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ quarterly student publication. For more info on FADS’ inSTEP Magazinevisit our Facebook page