What Do I Need To Know Before I Come For My First Lesson?

Everything You Ned to Know Before Your First Dance Lesson 1Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward learning new dance steps.

You stopped by Fred Astaire Dance Studios, chatted with the manager and an instructor and decided the time is right to learn how to dance, to perk up your social life and to get in better shape (yes, dance does all of those things for you).

Now what? You’re considering private ballroom dance lessons or group ballroom dance classes at FADS or even a combination of both. Maybe there’s a wedding in your future or perhaps you just want to get your feet moving on the dancing floor to hone long-forgotten skills. How do you prepare for the great experience that awaits you? Here are some tips and answers to often-asked questions.

  1. What type of ballroom dance lessons should I take? We offer all partnership dances, from waltz, tango, cha-cha, and salsa, to swing and club dancing. We can help you with your wedding dance, all of your social dance needs, and any dance done with a partner (but don’t worry, you do not need a partner to dance with us!).
  2. How will I pay for this? First, be sure to ask about the studio’s current introductory offer – a money-saving way to get started. Beyond that, our prices vary as dance lesson programs are designed to fit each student’s specific interests – social dancing, wedding, competitive dancing, etc. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we tailor our dance instruction programs to meet your goals and budget.
  3. Put your worries aside and expect the best. We want you to succeed as much as you do, and we will do everything in our power to see that you enjoy learning to dance and become increasingly proficient. Dancing is not a root canal; it’s fun, it’s pleasurable and it gets better the longer it lasts. We tell all of our students to dance as if no one is watching and we’ll tell you that right now. Your dance lessons are for you, and we promise: there is no crowd judging you.
  4. Set reasonable goals. Our Beginner and Social Foundation Programs teach newer students the step patterns and techniques to move around the dance floor. From there, a student can progress to either Social Bronze or Advanced Bronze in the FADS Trophy System. Expect to keep improving as you attend your classes and our practice parties, but bear in mind that the road to excellence is a long one. You will develop muscle memory and a comfort on the dance floor, but it won’t happen with one lesson.
  5. What do I wear to the studio? Wear comfortable clothing to your dance classes. As long as your clothing does not inhibit movement, it will be fine. Our only real no-no is athletic shoes, which tend to stick to the floor and make it harder for you to move. Gentlemen, comfortable shoes with leather soles work well. Ladies, a shoe with a back similar to what you would wear for a night of dancing is perfect. Your lesson is not a fashion show (though we do have costume parties and masquerades where you can really dress up). Our Dance Store (in-studio and online) can help you choose appropriate dance clothing and shoes.

Stop by Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and visit with the owner or an instructor about the dance experience that awaits you. You can also get more information by reading our FAQs, click here.

Come and dance with us, you’ll be so glad you did!