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5 Reasons Couples Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

The closer you are, the closer you get.

The closer you get, the closer you are.Fads Corp Valentines -

When couples take dance lessons together, they create a tighter bond, a better relationship and enjoy a more intimate physical relationship. The dance lesson – and, for that matter, any time the couple takes to the dance floor together – becomes their private moment in a world of their own.

The happy couples you see at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can tell you plenty about the importance and pleasure of dancing together. But let us offer five reasons that you and your significant other should consider taking dance lessons as a couple.

  1. Many social events involve dancing. Weddings, dates, parties, you can be sure that dancing could break out at any time. Why leave yourselves on the sidelines when the band plays a waltz? Or the cha-cha? Being able to move in unison with your partner speaks of a certain social grace and the ability to fit in and enjoy a good time to the fullest. Feeling the music and moving your body will also help you appreciate the sound and rhythm in a deeper way.
  2. Dancing enhances fitness, and you and your partner can do this workout together. You know how it is at the gym. One person is on the treadmill, the other a few rows away on the exercise bike. This is working out at the same time, not together. On the dance floor, however, the two of you are intimately joined, face to face as you take part in an up-tempo, cardio-building dance like salsa. Oprah Winfrey’s website, in recommending alternatives to the gym, notes that an hour of salsa burns 393 calories. Not a bad workout! And you are doing it with your partner, so this is time well-spent together. Dancing is good for the heart in more ways than one.
  3. Rekindling passion. This could easily be No. 1 on the list. It’s no secret that the daily routine can be stressful, and often we take out frustrations on a person not truly responsible but convenient – our spouse or partner. Dance whisks you out of the world of traffic and obligations and surrounds you with music, touch, closeness. As your body takes over, your mind eases up. And now, feeling more relaxed and calm, you are face to face with the love of your life, wrapped in each other’s arms. You can take it from there …
  4. Married life is teamwork. Who pays the bills? Who cuts the grass? Who takes the daughter to soccer and the son to clarinet lessons? Then who picks up whom? Life is already a big dance that is smoother when well-executed. Get more out of life through dance. Dance is teamwork, moving together, leading and following. Dancing together can sharpen your family skills. The time on the dance floor carries over to the living room floor.
  5. Listen up, men – women love to dance. Men often express a certain indifference to dancing, but sometimes that’s simply because they just don’t know how important it might be to the woman in their life. Offer to take your wife to your local Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio for a couple of ballroom dance lessons and you will make her quite happy. Happy wife, happy life.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer private ballroom dance instruction and group dance lessons, and provide plenty of time to work on those newly-learned skills at practice parties and other themed parties. Work on your dancing, and you just might be working on your relationship as well!