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Debunking Common Ballroom Dance Myths

3Common Dancing Myths -Dance is one of the truly great things in our world. It’s expressive, vibrant, passionate. It brings people together. It celebrates music and movement. It’s romantic and healthy on just about every level – physical, emotional, social.

And yet, every now and then, we hear from studio members who tell us that someone they like (or love) doesn’t dance because … well, pick a reason.

We will pick a few of those reasons and debunk them as dance myths. When a friend, a co-worker or a spouse says, “Oh, I don’t dance because …” you will have answers for them. Our Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios members know the value of dance in their lives and the joy it brings them. So, folks, let’s share the good times.

Myth No. 1: Ballroom dancing is too hard. Ok, we’re going to be honest with you. You will not look like Fred Astaire (or Ginger Rogers) the first time you hit the dance floor. Neither did Fred or Ginger. Yes, a high level of proficiency is a long-term goal, and one worth striving for. But being able to complete the basic steps of the foxtrot or waltz are not beyond anyone. It’s a simple count (1,2,3,4) and a few basic movements of the feet and voila, you are dancing. You want to be a sexy tango dancer? Great. That will take time. You want to be out on the dance floor with your spouse at a wedding and lead (or follow) properly? Easy enough. Not too hard.

Myth No. 2. I’m going to look silly on the dance floor.  Well, no, you’re not. If anything, you will look worse sitting out dance after dance while others have all the fun. Most people are not naturals at any new thing they undertake – learning a language for example. Or learning to dance. Once you commit to learning and spending some time on the dance floor and practicing, you will gain confidence and feel comfortable dancing. No one who is learning looks silly, and most other people on the dance floor are too busy to be staring at you. Relax, learn and enjoy.

Myth No. 3. Learning to dance is too expensive. At Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios, lessons can be packaged for you in so many ways. Is there a wedding coming up? We can accommodate the wedding party and teach everyone! You can take group lessons, which not only hold down costs but allow you to meet and dance with like-minded folks. And we have fabulous practice parties – many of them at no cost to you – where you can work on your dancing in a social setting and have a great time doing it.

Have any more doubts? Any other questions we can answer? Contact us, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. We’ll help you put together the right package of ballroom dance instruction that will fit your budget and enhance your life. We’ve been around since 1947 for a reason.

Come see us. Come and learn. Come dance with us.