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Make Dancing Part of Your Summer Plans!

Summer Square 8 - As summer approaches, life feels less hectic as the pace slows a little bit, and that could mean a little more precious time for you.

What will you do with it? Let us remind you that summer is the perfect time to learn something new! Here are three simple reasons why you should be dancing with us this summer:

1. Dance is wonderfully therapeutic, helping the body and mind. As it sharpens the brain, it tones the body and offers a beautiful form of exercise that is so unlike the gym experience.  Experts recommend taking classes to keep your mind sharp, and dancing is a great way to learn and work on your physical fitness at the same time.

2. Summer and fall are wedding season, and you know what that means…you’ll be on the dance floor. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to showcase your new dancing skills. Dressing to impress is cool, but dancing to impress is way better. Why not indulge yourself with either our group ballroom dance classes or enjoy some private dance classes with our highly-professional instructors.

3. We offer fun practice parties and special events that give you the chance to meet other like-minded people with a passion for dance. To keep your social life humming and meet new people in your area, you’ll want to start a new hobby. Taking dance lessons means you’ll meet new dance partners as you work on new steps and gain new dance skills as you party with us.

You’ve got a little bit of free time coming to you and you’ve earned it. Make dancing a new part of your summer routine! The place to spend that time is with us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios!