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Reasons Why Love + Dance = The Perfect Match

Love Dance The Perfect Dance Fred Astaire Dance Studios -Life can often seem like a dance. We lead, we follow, we separate, and we come together.

At its best, life yields a comforting feeling of togetherness, of partnership and synchronous motion. Life actually becomes a dance, a couple moving seamlessly and in rhythm.

In a relationship – especially as it mirrors dance – there’s a coordinated effort between the masculine and the feminine. Most women love to dance, simply feeling the music and moving to it. Most men want to lead, and dance provides them the opportunity to fulfill that role while “sheltering” the woman in their arms.

This might be a slight oversimplification of inbred impulses, but it is also part of what can be a powerful attraction. Dance joins two people in an intimate way and, like life, builds tension and allows for release.

The American Psychological Association, in reviewing a scholarly paper on dance and movement, noted that dance likely began as an accident of evolution that has become an important cultural force, one that gives us insight into selecting mates and tools for cooperation. It quoted University of Maryland University College psychology professor Ahalya Hejmadi this way: “Dance is such a universal phenomenon. People all over the world love to dance, so there must be some reason for it.”

We know many of the reasons. Dance is a healthy and creative outlet that draws people together. A joint activity requiring such close cooperation between a man and a woman helps build a unique camaraderie that can spark a romance. Is it any wonder that dance –especially the first dance between the newlyweds – is such an integral part of so many wedding ceremonies, in so many cultures?

William Michael Brown, a psychologist and dance researcher at Queen Mary University of London and the University of East London, says dance doesn’t just help you attract a mate, it also may help you keep one. Couples dancing together in a tightly-coordinated fashion, indicates the strength of their bond and commitment to one another, to the exclusion of others. “So committed that you don’t have a chance to get with this person, no matter how good-looking you are,” he said.

Dancing draws people together, gives them a common goal and a shared passion. These are the elements of a strong, compatible relationship that may result in that fabulous first dance at a wedding.

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