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Singles: Involved in Online Dating? Put Your Best Foot Forward!

date blogAdd Ballroom Dance to your Repertoire! Internet dating has really changed in recent years. Five to 10 years ago, it was territory only for the bold and the “outliers”, but now it’s completely socially acceptable. And as our societies become increasingly fast-paced and we’re all challenged to carve out leisure time, more and more people worldwide are turning to internet dating to meet people.

In addition to the big players ( and, there are now also a host of newer dating websites, apps and platforms designed to match clients with people who have the same specific interests, preferences or demographic characteristics – including Zoosk, OurTime, WeWaited, ChristianSingles, SingleParentMeet, BlackPeopleMeet, Elite Singles – the list goes on and on!

So with more options and more people using online dating than ever, how do you make yourself stand out, increase responses from people you actually want to get to know, and increase your chances of meeting “that perfect someone”? Online dating experts suggest that at least part of the answer lies in creating your very best dating profile.

Make your Online Dating Profile Work for YOU
The most common complaint from online dating site users is that it’s really hard to fit your entire personality into a single profile. But these days, it’s also more important than ever to create one that makes YOU stand out. Your goal is to present as a well-rounded, smart, funny, active, confident individual who already has quite a busy life, thank you very much. When you think about answers you’d give to profile questions, are those among the adjectives you’d use to describe yourself? If not, maybe there’s more info you want to include, and maybe a new activity – like ballroom dancing lessons – might be a good thing to add to your repertoire before you click “submit” on that profile.

Can ballroom dance lessons really improve your profile, and make you more successful in meeting date partners that are appealing to you? We think so!
• There are so many benefits of dance! Improved health, self-expression, a boost in your social skills etc. can all jump-start your lifestyle
• Having a few dance lessons under your belt will add new FUN and energy to your life. For example, Tango or Salsa are great dances to try, because they are sexy and fun to dance.
• Once dance is in your repertoire, you’ll find a new sense of confidence with yourself – and you’ll have a different presence in social situations– and frankly in your life… including when you’re on a date with a new match!

Tips for Creating Your Best Online Dating Profile
We may be partial, but we sincerely believe that taking lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a great way to spice up your online dating profile, expose yourself to new interests and step ahead of the pack. So if you’re considering online dating, here are our best suggestions for creating a dating profile that puts your best foot forward:

  1. Fill Out the Profile, COMPLETELY. This may sound like a no-brainer, but the point is: don’t assume your photos can do all the heavy lifting. New data shows that the description may be just as important as compelling photos. In fact, a recent Zoosk survey found that people who fill out the description get 28% more messages, 14% more likes, and 8% more profile views than those who don’t. Use language that’s direct and positive, too. For example, instead of describing yourself as funny or interesting, speak in a tone that IS funny and interesting, and talk about what your real interests are – even what your passion is (like, ballroom dance, for example).
  2. Use Photos.
    • Choose photos that are fun, active and engaging, and that can help you tell your story
    • Use recent photos that actually look like you
    • Use multiple photos, to show your range of interests – like ballroom dancing lessons, for example!
    • Keep images appropriate (rated PG)
  3. Be Unique and Specific. Just about everyone likes to “have fun”, “spend time with friends” and “listen to music”… yawn. Include more original things that let prospective matches get to know you a little bit. Perhaps you sing a brilliant “Tainted Love” at karaoke, or make a mean Eggplant Parmesan, or (even better) recently mastered the basic steps of the Tango! Specific details also do more than make you sound more interesting – they also give potential dates something to write to you about.
  4. Be Confident, But Not Cocky. Confidence is sexy, but arrogance is not. “I cook a mean paella and I’ll always try to make you laugh” is good, but “I have a fantastic job, and none of my friends can understand why I’m still single” is not.
  5. Avoid Negative Language (& Zip-Up That Baggage)! Negative language (anything that starts with: “I hate,” “I don’t like,” “I don’t know”, “I never”) sounds limiting and definitely casts a shadow. Don’t put yourself down either; you may come off as needy or insecure. Likewise, most adults have history – exes, hang-ups, “dirty laundry” etc. – save that info for when you know each other better.
  6. Never Admit Your Friend Helped Write Your Profile (Even If It’s True). “I asked my friend to describe me, and here’s what she wrote…” is a cop-out. By including this in your profile, the impression could be that you’re not self-aware enough to write it out yourself.

Successful people on dating services tend to be those who are confident, genuine – and can express who they are. Dance can be part of the physical expression of who you are. That’s sure to make you feel great, will make your dating profile more interesting, and will help pique the interest of prospective matches! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that dance lessons are a great way to meet people, too. You don’t need a dance partner to learn ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – for private lessons, you may dance with your instructor. And our group lessons, practice parties and social events offer low-pressure opportunities to meet, and dance with, new people. So step in to Fred Astaire Dance Studios today – and discover your new you.