Why We’re Thankful For Our Dance Instructors

Thankful for our Dance InstructorsSince it’s the Thanksgiving season, we grow a little introspective.

We think of what we have, what we appreciate, the many things for which we are grateful.

Often, those are not so much objects and possessions as the people in our lives.

Our families, our good friends, the good people in our lives.

At Fred Astaire Dance  Studios, we owe so much to our dedicated Dance Instructors, and are so grateful for their presence for so many reasons. We’re thinking of them as Thanksgiving approaches. Why?

  1. Some students come to Fred Astaire Dance Studios hoping to learn a few dance steps reasonably well so that they can be more comfortable in social situations. What they find is that their passion and desire are kindled by instructors who see in them a chance for more. Through careful guidance and the sharing of their knowledge and experience, instructors ignite a small flame and then feed it. Some who come to FADS as casual dancers move up through the Fred Astaire Trophy System and become competitive dancers, or even dance instructors. Inspiring others to excel is a mark of our fine teachers and we are grateful that they share that.
  2. Encouragement and support. Training our muscles and our minds, learning dance steps and perfecting them – these activities are fun and engaging, but that doesn’t make them easy. Sometimes we struggle as we work toward becoming the best we can be on the dance floor, and who is there to offer kind words, a friendly pat on the back and a bright smile, but our instructors? They know what we want from our dance lessons and they know we may not get it as quickly as we would like. So they stay positive when we falter, they encourage and support dancers at every level and they keep us going on those rare occasions when we just feel like we’d rather be anywhere else. Sure enough, our enthusiasm returns and we’re back at it quickly, thanks to the positive outlook shared with us by our teachers.
  3. Serving as mentors, friends, confidants. Often the relationship with one’s dance instructor gets just a bit deeper. Students find a friend, a mentor, someone who helps them remain strong and directed even in areas only peripherally related to dance. This is a great tribute not only to the instructors but the intensive training they receive from Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. We look at our instructors as complete people and our students as complete people and we want the relationships to be trusting and warm.

As you think about Thanksgiving and all there is in your life to be grateful for, keep your Fred Astaire Dance Studio Dance Instructors in mind. They teach, they coach, they encourage, they befriend, they support. That’s a lot to be thankful for. And know that they are thankful to have you, their talented, hard-working, dedicated students, in their lives too.