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Make Dancing The Perfect Summertime Exercise!

Summer Time Exercise FadsSummertime always feels just so free and easy! The longer days, the barbecues, good times spent with friends, a gentle breeze under the moonlight – that’s summer.

It’s a time to get out have fun, enjoy friends, family and events. Add something new and fun to your summer while keeping the bounce in your step with the perfect summer exercise program – dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! You’ll feel great, you’ll look great, you’ll meet new people and you will improve your general wellness. Some people won’t set foot in a gym, but they love to move their bodies in group ballroom dance classes.

Dance through the summer with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. You’ll be surprised how something so good for you can be so much fun. Pop in for a salsa class or a Latin dance class. Salsa brings together so many elements of exercise routines and that South American flavor just speaks of summer. Salsa equals a good cardio workout because it gets your heart rate and your breathing up. The anaerobic benefits include strengthening of the thighs, glutes and calves. Yet it’s not high impact, like so many gym workouts. And it’s just plain fun, as are all the fast-paced Latin dances.

Aerobic exercise will bring other benefits. It can lower your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol level while raising your “good” (HDL) level. Dancing also increases flexibility, which helps with range of motion. All of this makes dancing the perfect conditioning routine for every age group.

Summer’s more relaxed pace makes it the perfect time to take on the challenge of learning some new, high-energy steps while toning your physique. You’ll be “working out” to a funky beat and enjoying the company of others with the same interest. And that workout will translate nicely to our summer practice parties, where you can dance with others and tighten up your routine. Thinking of taking a winter cruise? You’ll be ready to dance the nights away after your summer classes. And when those September and October weddings roll around, you will be a star on the dance floor.

So take some time for you this summer, and the benefits will linger through the fall and winter.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ dance classes provide the opportunity for mental stimulation and physical exertion, for the challenge of learning and feeling great. Join us for a summer of fun! Give us a call and get started today!