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The Transformative Power of Dance Helped this FADS Student Step into the Spotlight!

Terry -Meet Terry, a Fred Astaire Dance Studios student we feel so lucky to have! Five months ago, Terry came to a Practice Party at FADS Buffalo, NY studio with her husband, Tim. But they didn’t dance a step — oh, no! Instead, they watched the party from the “safe” lounge area, conversing with our students and teachers. In between dances, these new friends tried coaxing Terry onto the floor. Eventually, after seeing everyone else having so much fun, Terry found her nerve. She came in for some introductory lessons, thinking “I’ll just try it—so I know how ballroom dancing feels.” Well, it felt so good that, after a few hours of dancing, she was convinced she had to learn more!

These days, when Terry comes through our door, she lights up the whole studio. She takes lessons with her instructors, Dmitry Kuzmenko and Viktor Tkachenko, as often as she can, showing up at least an hour early so she has time to chat with everyone. Terry is a bright spot in our lives because she is positively joyful! She always tells people how much she loves the studio and everyone in it, and she is even convincing her hubby (who, by now, dances a very respectable rumba)! We all know dancing’s ability to accomplish amazing things in people’s lives, like better energy and stamina, a more toned and flattering appearance, feeling confident and sexy, feeling capable and strong. However, as FADS Dance Instructors know, each individual must discover for themselves its deepest personal benefits.

We learned its greatest benefits for Terry when she asked the Buffalo NY studio to demonstrate ballroom at her employer’s annual Wellness Fair (where she also performed with Dmitry). Afterward, she shared with us how very reserved she has always been, almost painfully shy. Until she came to Fred Astaire Dance Studios, she was never one to step outside of her comfort zone or feel good about being in the spotlight. But, here she was, ballroom dancing in front of her co-workers that day, the picture of self-esteem. She was beautiful, confident, and smiling. Though she always felt that way inside, Terry will tell you that ballroom dance lessons have helped her be more “herself” on the outside than ever before in her life. As if her saucy step doesn’t already prove it, Terry is a “new woman” who even sports two brand new ballroom dance tattoos! Terry, we love that you are so much “yourself.” And we love you, too! How about you? Contact us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and discover your new “YOU”!

This story was reprinted from the Spring 2015 issue of inSTEP Magazine, Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ quarterly student publication. For more info on FADS’ inSTEP Magazinevisit our Facebook page