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March 10, 2017

fads spring in full swingThe nice thing about the advent of spring and warmer weather is we no longer need that added body fat (and we sure did need it) to keep us toasty throughout the winter.

It’s the old story. A pound here, a pound there, and pretty soon it adds up. And sticks out. And just doesn’t look real good when we try on the old swimsuit in anticipation of a spring vacation or summer at the beach.

You can, however, dance your way back into shape. It’s fun and not nearly as tedious as routines at the gym. We at Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios can give you a bunch of reasons why dancing will help make you fitter, happier and feeling better about yourself. Spring is a time of rebirth and the time for a new you.

So why dance? Allow us to enumerate a few of the benefits:

  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning. Fast-paced dances like salsa and the cha cha will get your heart rate up and keep you moving.
  • Better muscle tone and strength. Your dance workout will also be followed by a period of stretching that boosts flexibility and lengthens tight muscles.
  • Weight management. Take your dance lessons and practice sessions seriously and you are getting 30-60 minutes of energy-inducing exercise that not only benefits your body but your mind and your spirit. You feel better when you look better and you look better when you feel better.

You also get a wonderful social component of being with others who enjoy dance as much as you do, and our environment (unlike a gym’s) is not competitive.

We all know that a waist is a terrible thing to mind. But what goes on, must come off. We’re going to put the ‘winter you’ away and bring out a leaner, more joyful version for spring. We’re going to dance and we’re going to feel great and we’re going to see positive results!

Stop by your local Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio and ask about our experienced ballroom dance instructors and our superior group classes and private lessons. Start dancing toward that summer rendezvous! Get started by finding your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio here.

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