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Dance Like No One Is Watching!


Knighttime -

KNIGHTtime by Stephen Knight, FADS Vice President and Executive Dance Director


The saying, “Dance like No One Is Watching” is the sheer essence on what performing on the competitive dance floor means to me. The question is, what do you want the judges and the audience to walk away with, after you dance

As a dancer, it’s your responsibility to move your audience. Sometimes we pay so much attention to the technical aspects of dancing, we forget about the power the emotional quality of our performance can have. We all know that feeling when we let go and show the love and passion we have for our art, sport, and hobby – THAT’S exactly what you should be focused on. So when you’re called to the dance floor, let the following list be your guide:

  1. Don’t fear the judges. You perform for yourself first, and the audience second.
  2. Your choreography is not the most important aspect of your routine. So if you make a mistake, do it on purpose.
  3. You’ve already done the preparation, now let physical memory take over and truly enjoy the experience.
  4. Winning dancers love to dance and it shows in their movements, and on their faces. If you dance with your heart and soul, that passion will come through to the judges and the audience.

Years ago, one of my ballroom dance coaches told me something that I have never forgotten: “Emotion will create motion”. This sentiment has remained with me since that day, and in my role as coach I preach it all the time! Why? Because this concept allows the dancer to capitalize on the expressiveness of their dancing. By engaging your emotions through the body and mind, your dance can become stronger. Your emotions also help to reach the audience, as you share your story and they relate to that story you are telling with each dance. So whether it’s happy, sad, glad, or mad – dance with your heart, as if no one is watching!

Stephen Knight is Vice President & Executive Dance Director with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He also serves as Dance Coach and Regional Franchise Director for the FADS Wisconsin Region. A National Champion during his competitive years, Stephen is most well-known for his choreography, and for creating a large portion of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Silver Syllabus. For more information on the members of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios International Dance Council, contact us. And to get started on YOUR dance journey, contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.