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The Benefits of Unleashing Your Competitive Side

Fads Corp Why We Love To Compete -We love many things about dance.

The beauty. The elegance. The teamwork with a trusted partner.

The competition.

Wait. What?

Yes, the competition. As our dancers progress through the Fred Astaire Trophy System, they often wish to test their skills and dedication against others. Whether it’s a studio Mini-Match or a regional event or the national championships, dancers often like to perform in front of an audience and judges. And they also like to win.

Consider the many athletes who have appeared on “Dancing With the Stars.” They were accustomed to winning in tests of skills. They worked hard to become dancers and they competed, week after week.

Competing in ballroom dance events is fun. It can be rigorous, but it’s fun. There’s the planning with your instructor, the development of a dance routine and the practice to sharpen and refine it. There’s costuming. And ultimately there’s the duel with other dancers, under bright lights and with an audience there to cheer.

Here are a few reasons FADS likes (and runs) dance competitions:

  • Competition makes you a better dancer. Knowing you will be under the spotlight with judges watching helps you focus on your task and makes each practice session that much more important. There is a real reason to push yourself if you are in it to win it. Often, pressure brings out the best in people. And for those who don’t like pressure, that’s totally fine. Keep dancing. A competition may not be for you.
  • Judging provides important critiques. You and your instructor or partner work very hard, but a fresh set of eyes – especially when they belong to the sort of trained ballroom dance judges on the FADS roster – are invaluable. Judges provide insight, personalized commentary, and the chance for you to see how you competed through the eyes of a professional with vast experience. Being judged at a competition provides the opportunity to take new insights home and to put the advice of the judges to work in continuing your progress as a dancer.
  • It’s a different dance world as you advance in competitions. There’s more networking, more learning, more options to take advantage of. Competitions and conventions expand your contacts in the dance world and open up opportunities. Who knows what can come from an ever-growing circle of contacts?

It’s always heartening to take part in a competition and come home with a trophy. And if there’s no trophy? There’s the experience gained.

Talk to your FADS Dance Instructor about the possibilities out there awaiting you. If you enjoy competing against us others and being on a bigger stage, this could be right for you and very enjoyable. If not, you still belong at FADS! Just keep on dancing and enjoying what you do. That’s the most important aspect of taking part in this healthy, fun activity.