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Charles Penatello

  • International Dance Council Member
  • Company Stockholder
  • Area Director
  • Area Dance Director
  • With Fred Astaire Dance Studios since 1974


Charles is great at motivating, coaching and helping with enrollments. He has experience in all levels of dance and studio operations.


  • FADS National Champion
  • Undefeated USDC Smooth and Rhythm Champion
  • Undefeated Ohio Star Ball Champion in Smooth & Rhythm
  • Undefeated Virginia State Champion in Smooth & Rhythm
  • Undefeated La Classique Champion in Smooth & Rhythm
  • Undefeated American Star Ball Smooth & Rhythm Champion
  • Undefeated Mid US Champion in Smooth & Rhythm
  • Undefeated Florida Breakers Champion in Smooth & Rhythm
  • Undefeated Capital Champion (Dagmar’s Competition, at the time with different name) in Smooth & Rhythm


  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
  • Business Training
  • Professional Certification
  • Motivational Speaking (for Staff)

Charles Penatello is part of the prestigious Fred Astaire Dance Studios International Dance Council, which oversees Dance Instructor training and certification, judges (Professional, Amateur, Pro/Am) at Regional, National & International Fred Astaire Dance Studio Dance Competition events, actively coaches our Students & Instructors in dance studio locations across our network, and continuously reviews our proprietary dance curriculum to ensure only the finest, most up-to-date programs for our Students. For more information on the Fred Astaire International Dance Council or any of its members, please contact us.