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How To: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Fads How To Dance Like No One Is WatchingAuthor and teacher, William W. Purkey, gave an exciting voice to the philosophy that we at Fred Astaire Dance Studios have lived by since our founding in 1947:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Those lyrics appeared in a hit song from 2006 and they still resonate. It’s fairly simple. Take risks, be bold, show confidence, enjoy each day. But, more specifically, how do you dance like there’s nobody watching? How do you develop that passion without worrying how you may look to others?

We have some suggestions. 

  1. Take dance classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! In our warm, comfortable & 100% non-judgmental atmosphere, everyone feels as if they are magic on the dance floor. We provide a nurturing and learning atmosphere where your dance instructors and fellow students are all willing to help you move past any initial qualms.
  2. When your dance instructor offers comments, take them positively. Your dance teacher isn’t criticizing what you are doing, simply offering tips and pointers on how you can improve. You will soon see improvement, which you will happily build upon.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. Whether it’s dance lessons or any new skill, that’s the way we improve. The trick is not to let self-doubt creep in or to let feelings of awkwardness overcome you. Dancing involves building muscle memory and (there’s that word again) confidence. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Consider each one an opportunity to get better.
  4. Take a video of yourself dancing. You can review it as often as you like, then compare it later with video you’ve taken as you’ve put in the time to make yourself a smoother, more confident performer.
  5. Keep smiling. You enjoy dancing. You’re growing more and more comfortable & confidence with the dances you’re learning. Your dance partner will certainly appreciate that feeling of sharing in your happiness and you will bask in that shared glow.

For the finest in adult dance classes and the best in ballroom dancing lessons – whether you prefer salsa dance lessons or a waltz – the right choice is Fred Astaire Dance Studios! We’ll help you reach your dance goals and you’ll look and feel better as you work to achieve them. You’ll be more confident, more self-assured and more motivated when you work with one of our instructors, dance with friends old and new, and redefine your body with some fast-paced steps.

Come dance with us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. You can dance like there’s nobody watching (because really, they aren’t).