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January 20, 2016



Often times, ballroom dancing flies under the radar when people think of taking up a hobby.  Some don’t try because they don’t have a partner.  Others because they lack the confidence they need to dance in front of others.  Some feel they don’t have rhythm.  Whatever the reason is, the benefits of learning to dance greatly outweigh the cause of reluctance. Here are some great reasons to get on the dance floor and start learning today:

  1. Meet New People. When you start learning to ballroom dance, you are surrounded by other students that are doing the same. Although dancing can be a solo activity, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group lessons and social gatherings.  What better way to break the ice than with a little dancing!
  2. Fitness and Health. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the gym! We have had countless students tell us about their experience with ballroom dance and how it’s effected their health in a positive way.  From losing weight, to improving coordination, to assisting with memory loss, we have heard it all!  The constant movement and swift steps make for great cardio and work many other muscles in your body.  You will be getting a work out and not even know it!
  3. Gain Confidence. Starting a new hobby is always a little scary. What if we aren’t good?  What if we look funny doing it?  Well, the good news is, we all have to start somewhere!  With the professionalism and encouragement provided by our instructors and other students, learning will be a breeze and the steps will come second nature in no time.  Soon you will be showing others how to glide across the dance floor.
  4. De-stress. I have met many ballroom dancers that have attributed their stress relief to dancing. Between the movement and the music, dance provides a sort of euphoria for its performers.  Some would describe it as a physical meditation process.  Many of our students take a few classes and immediately see the difference in their stress levels.
  5. Get fancy. If you are someone who likes to enjoy the finer things in life, this is certainly a great hobby for you. The spotlights and competitions are big and flashy.  Get yourself dressed up in the eye catching attire and have your make up done to the nines.  We can’t see you from the audience if you don’t!
  6. Travel. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we have several inter-regional, national and international competitions throughout the year, so we travel a lot!  From Las Vegas to Orlando to Paris, France!  We are all over the place! You will be amazed at the popularity of ballroom dance all over the world.
  7. It’s fun for all ages. There is a common misconception that you start to dance when you are very young. That is not true at all at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  We have students of all ages.  Our lessons are catered to your experience level so you can comfortably learn at your own pace. Discover the fun of ballroom dancing – step in to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio near you!

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